8 Ways To Beat Your Affiliate Competition

By Andy Brown

When you’re an affiliate, you have two kinds of competition:

1) Competition from those selling similar products. So if you’re selling a course on internet marketing, you’re competing against other internet marketing products.

2) Competition from other affiliates. Naturally, there are others selling the exact same product to the same market

Here’s how to beat your competition and put more money in your pocket.

1. Create a USP (unique selling proposition)

Your prospects have plenty of choices when it comes to merchants. They can buy direct from the product creator or they can choose from among dozens or perhaps even hundreds of affiliates. And that’s why you need to create your USP.

In short, your USP is the “reason why” your prospects should buy from you and not your competitors.

Here’s just one example: You provide an additional guarantee (in addition to the vendor’s guarantee), such as a conditional “double your money back” guarantee.

2. Add value to your offers (with products).

Another way to beat your competition and get your prospects to choose to buy through your affiliate link is by offering a bonus.

Take this example: You sell a marketing product. You offer access to a private forum to those who buy through your link.

3. Add value to your offers (with services)

Products are easy to deliver, which makes it easy for you to add value with products. But certain services have a higher perceived value, which can help further boost your conversion rate. So for example: You’re selling a copywriting product. You offer a free headline critique to those who buy through your link.

4. Establish yourself as an expert / authority

If you position yourself as an expert (and perhaps an authority figure), you can boost your sales. For example, creating a content-filled blog, participating on niche forums and getting endorsements from other experts will all help you position yourself as an expert.

5. Sell your own products on the front end

You just learned that one way to boost your sales is by establishing yourself as an expert. And one of the best ways to get others to see you as an expert is by creating your own product.

That way, you can build a big list of buyers by selling your own product on the front end and then make a big bundle of money on the back end by recommending affiliate products.

6. Borrow credibility from the “big players” in your market

You already know that you need to build relationships and establish trust in order to sell more products to your subscribers and visitors. But that takes time. So how can you get a good reputation if you’re new to the niche?

Simple: Joint venture with the well-known experts and marketers in your niche. In doing so, you’ll “borrow” their credibility, meaning others will see you as a niche expert too.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get others to associate you with the existing niche experts is to create a product with them. For example, you can get half a dozen or more of these experts to agree to an audio interview. Then you can freely distribute the recordings to get as much exposure as possible.

The end result is you become a trusted name in the niche virtually overnight!

7. Offer superior customer service

Even though you’re not the product vendor, there’s a good chance that you get plenty of both pre-sale and post-sale questions about the products you sell. If you want to beat your competition, answer these questions quickly (in 1 business day or less), professionally and honestly.

Now imagine your potential customer is shopping around and is thinking about buying a product. He emails a competing affiliate a question. Three days later, no answer. So now the prospect emails you the same question, which you answer within two hours.

Whose affiliate link is the prospect going to use? That’s right – yours!

8. Leave no advertising venue untouched

Finally, one of the most effective ways to beat the competition is through full market penetration. That means you blanket the niche with your content and ads. Your name should appear in article directories, on forums, on other peoples’ blogs as a guest author, on social media sites – basically everywhere. As familiarity grows, so will your sales.

Thus in conclusion you don’t have to be scared of a little affiliate competition when you use the tips and tricks you just learned.

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